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Sumilayi Frizz Control Curly Gel 500ml


Get unruly curls under control with the Sumilayi Frizz Control Curly Gel to achieve frizz-free, defined and shiny curls. This medium-hold gel works wonders on all hair types and can be applied to wet or damp hair as the last stage of your hair routine. Apply all over and crunch lightly at the ends before leaving to dry and you’ll instantly notice impressively tamed, hydrated curls that are nourished with fatty acids and Vitamin E to boost and maintain hair shine.


  • Medium hold
  • Protein Free
  • Flaxseed extract helps define curls and reduce frizz
  • Free from proteins and artificial fragrances
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • For All Hair Types


How to use

Apply Sumilayi Frizz Control Curly gel to clean, wet or damp hair, as the last stage in your hairstyling routine. Apply gel gently to your whole hair, crunch a little bit in the end.

Allow your hair to dry completely. You can let your hair air-dry, or in a hurry, use a diffuser to blow-dry. Scrunch out the crunch to remove the gel cast if needed. Enjoy the results! 

Note. The right amount of gel is found by testing

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